Paleo Success Pack - Whole30® Approved

Pre-Made Paleo will deliver 15 total Whole30® approved Lunch/Dinner style meals + 15 Breakfast Skillets + 10 Trail Mix Packs right to your doorstep. Package total is 15 Breakfast+15 Main Meals+Snacks! This plan ideal for an individual requiring One Main meal along with breakfast plus TrailMix snacks.

All meals start with Organic Vegetables and Chicken, Free Range ABF Turkey, U.S. Wellness Meats Heritage Pork and Grass-fed/grass-finished beef. From there our chefs add the "delicious and savory!" All meals are cooked to perfection. Simply re-heat and sit down to genuine cuisine.

  • Breakfasts are a variety of sausage skillets made with our house-made breakfast turkey or pork sausage and Melissa's Breakfast Chicken Hash. Each breakfast skillet includes 3 oz. of protein and 2 oz. of vegetables. Each Chicken Hash includes 3 oz. of protein and 3 oz. of vegetables. ( Standard selection will contain 5 Melissa's Chicken Hash + 5 Turkey Sausage Skillets + 5 Pork* Sausage Skillets) 

  • Main Entree Proteins 5 oz. Portions (Regular) or 8 oz. Portions (Warrior) 

  • Vegetable Sides 7 oz. portions - 1 Portion included with each Pre-Made Paleo Meal (Note: Some sides are packaged with a main protein to complement the meal. These are Complete Meals such as a soup, stew or chili) 

  • Snacks are a wonderful house-roasted Trail Mix that is packaged for those on the go moments. 10 packages = 20-30 Servings!

Whole30® Approved meals for those busy, tired, or on-the-go moments. Each delicious main meal includes a 5-oz protein (or an 8-oz Warrior protein) and a 7 oz. vegetable side dish and all Breakfasts are 5-6 oz. each. Set yourself up for healthy eating success!

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