AIP- 20 Day Whole30® Program Meal Plan

Pre-Made Paleo will deliver 10 days of A.I.P. Whole30® Approved meals to include:

  • 20 AIP Breakfasts
  • 20 AIP Lunches
  • 20 AIP Dinners
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your core AIP meals for lunches and dinners all come from Menus C and Z. You will receive 20 Meals of each Menu as the core of this 20 day plan. Awesome AIP compliant cuisine for your pleasure.

    These meals are in accordance with a strict auto-immune protocol and contain no nightshades or any seed-based spices. Main entrée proteins are 5 oz. portions (8 oz. Warrior proteins available) and all entrées are paired with a 7 oz. organic vegetable side. Proteins will include Chicken,Turkey, Pork and Beef and will NOT include any fish or seafood.
    Breakfasts are 5-6 oz. each and will contain AIP versions of our Turkey and Pork Sausage Breakfast skillets and Melissa's Chicken Hash. Chicken breast upgrades selected do not apply to breakfast.
      Sample menus for entrées may be seen here. 

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