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ALL Meals prepared by your Chefs are Whole30® approved, whether in bundled "plans" or packages, individual menus or à la carte meals.

Our ingredients and suppliers may be seen here.


 *SHIPPING & Logistics*

2 consecutive business days in transit with Standard Shipping selected might be exampled as such: An order shipping to OHIO placed no later than Wednesday 3 p.m. EST would ship that day and arrive that Friday. Wed-Thurs=1 day + Thurs-Fri=1 day = 2 days.

Colorado (3 days) would have a Tuesday 3 p.m. deadline for Standard shipping and arrival that week.

California orders placed by 3 p.m. EST on Monday with Standard shipping selected would arrive that Friday. If Express=Wednesday. 

Some California orders and most all Oregon, Utah, Washington (5-days on map) will ship with over-the-weekend transit for following week arrival. 5 Days on the map below means that order might ship through Thursday 1 p.m. EST for following Thursday arrival = 7 days in transit. Please know that we package every order accordingly for the time in transit required. We can keep your meals frozen for up to 8 days when required!

Express shipping deadlines for same week arrival on all orders will be Wednesday 3p.m. EST

These shipping charts and FAQ's are meant to provide you all the information you may need, but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to Email us or call us at (678) 995-5772, anytime!

Please Note that any Fresh Meal offerings outside of the 1 or 2 day Standard transit zones will require express shipping to be selected at checkout (Fresh Meals Only).

U.P.S. Standard Shipping TRANSIT TIMES (consecutive Business Days) within the U.S. :

Any order that has Express shipping will be shipped with Air Service for 1-3 day transit time if you require meals sooner. We ship via UPS who delivers Monday through Friday. As a standard rule, we only ship the same week if meals would arrive by that Friday, however, certain Western region orders will be packaged accordingly for over the weekend transit. 

Please call us at (678) 995-5772 or Email us here with questions regarding logistics of arrival day if required. More shipping info listed at bottom of page.


We at Pre-Made Paleo strive to offer you the finest Whole30® approved meals, delivered right to your doorstep, nationwide. We dont simply offer delicious cuisine...we offer you more time!
Led by Executive Chef Richard Bradford, the creator of all recipes found in "The Whole30®" N.Y. Times best-selling book, we source the highest quality organics, grass-fed/grass-finished, free range/pastured ingredients and combine these with the very best chefs to deliver you delicious meals for happy and healthy eating!
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Contact Us! We're always happy to answer questions from our customers!
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Your Pre-Made Paleo meals will likely be shipped frozen (unless you specifically ordered Fresh Meals), packed with ample dry-ice (or ice-packs) for the necessary transit time, and delivered by U.P.S.  CLICK HERE for Fresh Meal Information

We always provide tracking information once your meals have been shipped (sometimes a little sooner). Also, we do place a "Shipper Release" on your shipping label, allowing your meals to be left at your doorstep if accessible and deemed safe by your carrier.

Please make sure that your desired shipping address will follow these above guidelines. Failure to do so may result in your meals being delayed and their integrity compromised. This instance is not covered by our replacement policy. Please call us for any details at 678-995-5772, anytime.

Please understand that a request to change delivery may result in extending the time in transit, therefore increasing the likelihood that the food arrives in an unsatisfactory condition.  We will not be responsible for food lost under such circumstances. We may not be held responsible for meals that are left unattended and spoil due to personal circumstances such as leaving town, etc. Any meals that arrive in unsatisfactory condition due to a UPS delay or any damaged packaging received must be retained for the purpose of any claim needed.

Yes, All meals prepared by your chefs here at Pre-Made Paleo are Whole30 Approved!

Pre-Made Paleo will provide nutritional values with each and every new meal created by your chefs. Current examples of nutritional facts may be seen Here.
All meals are vaccuum-sealed in BPA free plastic. Due to contact with the extreme temperatures created by the dry ice during transit, We do recommend that All Meals are placed in a Leakproof container prior to thawing. This is especially so of any Complete meals such as soups.

The following page will fill you in on all the details you need to know about how to reheat your meals as well as cooking directions for fish entrées.


It is our goal at RSB Foods to provide our clients with the most enjoyable eating experience possible. Your Executive Chef and Chef de Cuisine works tirelessly alongside our other chefs to offer delicious paleo-friendly cuisines from all over the world. If you would like more information about some of these items, click here:

Not unless you order these specifically from the Fish and Seafood collection.
All of our chef prepared meals in our weekly Lunch/Dinner menus, as well as all of our program meal plans will only contain the main proteins of chicken, turkey, beef and pork. In most all instances a No Pork variant will be seen in the drop-down menus.

Yes. You may simply place this request in the "Notes to Pre-Made Paleo" seen during your cart summary. This request along with many others may be accommodated. (maybe No Turkey, i.e.) As long as you proceed forward with your order (don't hit back on your browser), these notes Will be transmitted to us and all reasonable requests will be accommodated. (Notes will not be seen in your order confirmation email).

This depends on your choice. Our Regular meals are 5 oz. protein with an 7 oz. vegetable side and our Warrior meals are 8 oz. protein with a 7 oz. vegetable size. These are designed for one person each meal.
Our Family meals are designed to feed a family of 4. These typically consist of a 20 oz. protein and a 28 oz. vegetable. Meal Plans such as the Whole 30® Program Meal Plan are designed around the individual and on a per day basis. So, a 10 Day Plan will be breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for one person for 10 days. All Meals are Whole30® Approved!


Yes! We can set up a recurring plan which will allow us to send you our newest menu every week, two weeks, or any custom frequency you desire! You'll automatically be charged the cost of your chosen meal plan and we'll always ship you our newest offerings on a regular basis. Custom plans may be created if you do not see your desired option here:


Our meals range from 300-500 calories for regular size portions. These include 1 protein entree and 7 oz of veggies. The 3.5 oz trail mix (2 servings total) is 415 calories. Our Warrior option meals are between 400-600 Calories. We make a new menu each week and Nutritional Facts may often be seen in advance of your order placement.

Why, yes they are. 

There's a lot of talk about 'pastured' pork these days and we want you to know that we source our pork from U.S. Wellness Meats. These animals are all heritage-raised, and more information regarding these most humane and responsible farming practices may be found here:


Why, yes they are!  As of December 15, 2013 all vegetables sourced for our premium Pre-Made Paleo meals are 100% Certified Organic.

Take a look at some of our ingredients HERE!


Why, yes they are! *We do use clarified butter (or Ghee) in some recipes. People whom have a dairy intolerance can generally consume ghee since it does not have casein and lactose, which some people find hard to digest.


Meals will last in your refrigerator for about a week. If you find that you are not going to be able to eat them within that time frame, we recommend that you put them in the freezer immediately. We recommend that you defrost your food prior to cooking it.

In the event that your package was delayed by UPS or your meals are not still frozen, we would ask that if they are still cold that they be used and not re-frozen. Typically, as long as the temperature of the container and food is still at or below refrigeration temperature, your meals are just fine. They were never at a temperature above what they are upon receipt. If you have any questions or concerns regarding their integrity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the event that a package appears open and the seal is compromised, please note that the likely occurence of any compromised seal is typically done under the conditions of dry-ice contact at extreme temperatures (-79ºC/-109ºF) inside the cooler during tranist.  

The dry-ice can produce micro-fractures/cracks along certain heat-seals during transit, particularly when items begin to shift as the sublimation of dry ice has allowed for room within the cooler after a day or two.

Though this is never an ideal circumstance, it can happen. Please let us know immediately if you have a concern.
As meals have maintained a safe and proper temperature throughout this entire process, and assuming that the customer had maintained proper temperature by not having left refrigerated for more than 7 to 10 days, any meals with a damaged seal are safe to eat.
Naturally, we would like to know about any and all such instances, in order that we may provide the best Customer Care experience possible. Please contact us at or call us direct at 678-995-5772
  • Recycling of Styrofoam- Can I return my cooler?
With respect to the shipping containers, we strive to recycle whenever we can. All containers used are recyclable and are free of all CFS.
We do maintain a local initiative in the Atlanta metropolitan area to recycle/reuse all Styrofoam containers for local courier deliveries. Alternately, UPS and some Home Depot stores will gladly reuse and recycle the Styrofoam containers, nationwide. This resource is typically available and practiced by all UPS stores and customer centers nationwide. Additionally, your local municipality likely recycles/reuses these containers.
What may be construed as more "eco-friendly" shipping containers and inserts do tend to be discarded as refuse quite quickly due to their ease of disposal, in our experience, versus being reused.
While we do have other packaging options for express shipments, when having to ship meals in dry ice for the longer transit to several Western states, we have found that the Styrofoam coolers provide the structural integrity needed as well as maintain below freezing temperatures during transit. Again, we are happy to create a return label for your cooler upon request if a UPS store or location is not convenient to you. Return and Recycle HERE

We at Pre-Made Paleo are proud to use only the finest , highest quality ingredients in preparing our meals. We prepare and package our meals with the highest standards of care and attention to detail.

We strive to build a comprehensive menu that will best suit a wide variety of personal tastes. Though refunds cannot be made on the basis of personal taste,  we are happy to offer an accommodation ONLY for any meals(s) that arrives damaged or meals that spoiled due to UPS delays. We do not refund for any perishables that are refused at the time of delivery.
Please contact us directly with any concerns.


Georgia Customers - We may ship orders Monday - Thursday.  Our goal is to ship as soon as possible but not to ship over the weekend. - If you order Tuesday, we strive to ship the next day.  Some exceptions apply as well as holiday restrictions.  You should hear from us via email within 24 hours during the regular business week.  We will respond to weekend inquiries on the first business day back.

*NOTE: We do offer an in-house delivery option if you are located locally to Atlanta, inside the perimeter (ITP). If you are already taking advantage of this wonderful service we are able to provide or qualify in the future, do note that we only delivery on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you place an order before 7 a.m. Monday then your order may be delivered Monday. If your order is placed between Monday afternoon and Wednesday 7 a.m. then your order will likely be delivered that Wednesday. ITP orders placed after Wednesday morning may not be delivered until the following Monday. Arrangements for shipping meals must be communicated to us if you desire meals by weeks endand your order is placed after Wednesday 7 a.m. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at any time at 678-995-5772. 

Outside Georgia - Nationwide. We ship based on your location Monday-Wednesday. Our goal is to ship as soon as possible but not to ship over the weekend*(exceptions include 5 day ground shipping locales)  Example: Shipping to California takes 4 days so we typically only ship out on Mondays to California.  Shipping to New Mexico takes 3 days so we ship Monday or Tuesday to New Mexico.  Some exceptions apply as well as holiday restrictions.  

* Eastern Region (2-3 Day Ground Shipping) Ships Mon-Tues/Wed

Alabama. Arkansas, Connecticut, Deleware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota,  New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York*, North Carolina, Ohio,  Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin (*certain upstate zip codes may be 3 day transit)


* Western Region (3, 4 & 7 Days Ground Shipping)
Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North DakotaOklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Washington


Most Western region state Standard shipping rates including California:

 Oregon, Utah and Washington State 

*ALL United States REGIONS > EXPRESS SHIPPING: Express Shipping may be chosen on most any order. We will strive to Express deliver any order placed by 1 p.m. EST on Wednesday for same week delivery. Some restrictions may apply. Please call 678-995-5772 for any details or email us at

* Alaska and Hawaii (2-3 Day Air) and Puerto Rico (4 Day Ground)


Current U.P.S. SHIPPING TRANSIT TIMES (in Business Days) for Standard Shipping as of 11/25/2016


All examples below assume standard ground shipping (Express Shipping rules are different)

In the above map, if you are requiring shipping to Chicago,Illinois,  you will notice that you are a 2 day transit from our Atlanta facility. Any order placed by Wednesday 12 pm EST would ideally be shipped that day for Friday arrival=2 Day transit. 

Colorado is a 3 Day Transit. The latest time to order would be 12pm EST Tuesday for that Friday's arrival. This same order placed on Wednesday will likely not ship until the following Monday to allow for Thursday arrival. We try to not wrap around the weekends in transit except for 5 day transits, such as those shipping to the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Utah, Nevada and even certain parts of California such as San Jose.

 Please Note:
* If you have a question concerning shipping transit times for ground or Express/Priority shipping, please feel free to call us at (678) 995-5772 or email us at
* Weather, natural disasters and other uncontrollable events can interrupt UPS transportation flow anywhere and with little warning. As interruptions occur, we will work with UPS to make sure your order arrives as soon as it can safely be delivered.When possible delays are foreseen,  precautions are taken, such as adding extra dry ice to your shipment.
* Once a package has left our facility, we are unable to change its destination or service chosen. Any concerns regarding the expected time of arrival for personal logistics of receipt, must be made prior to your meals leaving our facility. There may be no exceptions concerning this policy.