Affiliate Partnership Program

We offer some exciting incentives when you partner with us, and we hope to share these with you. Get started by emailing or calling us direct!

 Thank you for all you do to assist others in leading a natural, healthy lifestyle.

So, your members drew a line in the sand. They decided that today is the day they choose to accept their 30 Day Challenge or begin their Whole Life Challenge. Maybe it's just the challenge of continuing in their already healthy lifestyle.

Great! You can train them, support them and love them. But you do not have time to prepare meals for them, too. And often times, neither do they. That is where we would like to step in and offer our support.

Healthy is now easy and really delicious!

Pre-Made Paleo is a premium line of prepared meals and snacks. Chef Richard Bradford and his team of French-trained chefs develop comprehensive menus and meal plans that will appeal to a variety of taste preferences. In our state of the art kitchen, we use all organic vegetables and use only all-natural, free range, grass-fed/finished or pasture raised meats to provide you with the most flavorful and nutritious meals possible.

Pre-Made Paleo’s meals are made fresh, vacuum-sealed in BPA free packaging, and frozen providing the highest quality product without the use of preservatives. Meals are shipped frozen. Simply thaw then remove meals from their packages, and reheat in a pan using steam. In minutes, a fresh, healthy, delicious meal is ready to eat with virtually no preparation.

In an effort to assist all affiliates with meals and plans for a better, healthier lifestyle, and to assist with nutrition, we have created some special incentive affiliate and group pricing.


These may be shipped directly to your gym, home, or office, in as little as 1 day from purchase.

This is a great time to invest in your members, and possibly pool resources to take advantage of incentive pricing from Pre-Made Paleo.

For bulk pricing or for Affiliate Partnership opportunities, please contact Pre-Made Paleo at or call us direct @ 678-995-5772

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Happy and healthy eating!!