Fresh9 Meals

The Fresh-9 is a perfect way to power your week. You will receive 3 each of the this week's select Fresh Meals crafted by Chef Richard Bradford! 

Our next Fresh Meals will ship on February 1, 2017 (1/29/17 deadline). All Traditional Meals (the rest of the website) are available with standard logistics still. The below Fresh Menu will also be fully AIP compliant!

  • Organic Roasted Chicken in AIP Salsa with Organic Sweet Potatoes, Onions and Mushrooms
  • U.S. Wellness Meats Green Curry Pork Burger served with Organic Butternut Squash, Broccoli and Apples
  • U.S. Wellness Meats Smokey Beef served with Mashed Parsnip and Rutabaga
  • Premium-option selected will Upgrade to Chicken Breast and beef will be replaced with a U.S. Wellness Meats Grass-fed/finished Top Sirloin Steak.
  • Featured Add-on option: Organic Chicken Salad made with Primal Kitchen's Avacado Oil Mayo - only $12.99/lb.!!

      These are different from our traditional frozen from fresh meals that you may be accustomed to, and all Fresh Meals will arrive at refrigeration temperature, having never been frozen. Due to the fact that we make everything with the best quality ingredients and none of this menu will be frozen, all orders must be placed Sunday night and these orders will be shipped the Wednesday following. 

      Fresh Meals must be ordered separately and will not be shipped together with Frozen meals. A separate order must be placed for Frozen from Fresh meals in most all instances. CLICK HERE for more Information

      Currently available for shipping to all 1 and 2 day transits (with standard shipping), and for all other destinations if Express shipping is selected at checkout. (Check my transit time)** 

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