Pre-Made Paleo

How does it work?


Each week, we prepare a new menu of meals in our USDA inspected facility.  All meals are made from scratch, then vacuum-sealed in BPA-free packages, then are flash frozen.  All menus include a beef, pork, turkey, and two chicken entrees all with composed vegetable side dishes.  We also make a variety of a la carte items such as beef hamburgers, soups, stews, breakfast skillets, and trail mix snacks.  In partnership with nutrition experts we feature menu plans that include special combinations of menu choices to meet more specific health needs. 


All that needs to be done when you receive your meals is to thaw them, and reheat in a pan or dish.   Meals are made to be complete servings for one individual unless otherwise noted.  Fresh vegetables are often a great complement to them as well!  Let us do the hard prep work so you can have more time to enjoy!


About Chef Richard 


Chef Richard Bradford moved from Connecticut to Atlanta in 1995 to study engineering at Georgia Tech.  After finishing undergrad, Chef Richard returned to the Northeast to attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. While studying, he worked with Main Course Catering in New Paltz, NY. In 2003, he apprenticed at Disney’s California Grill, in Orlando, Florida. 


Upon returning to school, Chef Richard launched his first catering company, Hits the Spot, staffed with fellow CIA students. Hits the Spot provided full service catering to clients in Hudson Valley, Westchester County, and Western Connecticut.  After graduating from CIA, he returned to Atlanta and founded RSB Catering.  After 7 successful years leading RSB Catering, he sold his company and formed RSB Foods.  


RSB Foods, formed in 2012, has a vision to change the way people eat.  Led by Chef Richard Bradford and Chef de Cuisine Amy Crites, RSB Foods developed Pre-Made Paleo. Our brand of gourmet prepared meals adhering to the Paleolithic (or Paleo) Lifestyle.  Paleo in its modern day application is a lifestyle of eating only wholesome foods, free of chemically processed ingredients.  Also, we focus on using grass-fed, pastured, free-range, and antibiotic-free proteins.  Paleo, by it's principles, removes grains, dairy, legumes, and processed sugars from the modern human diet.  It is also a gluten-free lifestyle that promotes optimal health and performance both physically and mentally.  



Pre-Made Paleo delivers delicious Whole30® approved meals in the United States and Canada, right to your doorstep! Call us anytime! 678-995-5772

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